Limited Run Games Launching Soldner X-2 and Breach & Clear: Deadline This Friday

One of the most anticipated of Limited Run Games’ current known releases is Soldner X-2: Final Prototype for the Vita, and after a brief delay from the initial July 18 launch it’s just about ready to go.  The original plan called for a single title being made available but then Breach & Clear: Deadline for PS4 showed up, so they’re launching side by side on Friday, July 29.  Each game has a number of options to choose from for your physical game collecting addiction.

Soldner X-2 and Breach & Clear both have soundtrack bundles, limited to 500 copies, and while you don’t get any special packaging to hold them together each game’s music has an enthusiastic fan base.  The big bundle, however, is the ultra-limited Breach & Clear: Deadline one that comes with the soundtrack, two prints, and a copy of the long-sold-out Vita Breach & Clear.  This one goes for $120, which is about what just Breach & Clear Vita sells for by itself, but the catch is its limited to 30 copies total and is only available at the 10AM EST purchase window.  For some reason that’s when the buying feeding-frenzy happens, with the evening’s supply lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two, so get in there lightning-fast if you’re interested.  Soldner X-2 has 3200 copies total lined up and Breach & Clear: Deadline is at 3000, those numbers include all the bundles, and as usual they probably won’t last long.