New Official Renders of Battle Attire for Persona 5 Cast Revealed

So much yet so little has been revealed for Atlus’s upcoming Persona 5 game, exclusive to the PS4 console.  The game is set to be released on Valentine’s day, (February 14), and has announced their Collector’s Edition titled the ‘Take Your Heart’ edition that features a plethora of items that made Persona fans rush to their wallets.  Now, Atlus has revealed new renders for the outfits of several of the main characters during their battle sequences.  Little is known about how the fighting style will be in the installment of the series but according to the following photo, it looks to be pretty intense.

They look to be wearing costumes that represent magical, if not fantasy, versions of themselves. Especially since the protagonist can become what is only known as the Phantom Thief after having stumbled across an other worldly castle known as The Palace.

Check it out: