Shovel Knight Developers Outline Myriad Changes for Japanese Version

Yacht Club Games took some time out to painstakingly detail all the localization changes for Shovel Knight’s newly released Japanese version, and they’re surprisingly fascinating.

The developer partnered with the magicians at well-known localization studio 8-4 to make appropriate changes to the game’s Japanese version — beyond mere translation. In keeping with tradition, changes go much deeper, everything from animating previously static objects to changing sprite designs and more. They really go above and beyond here, changing currency to look more like Japanese currency, items like carrots into daikon radishes, statue designs, new sounds and cute additions like a snooze bubble as Shovel Knight naps by a bonfire.

As the developers explain, these kind of changes were extraordinarily common in the localization of classic games. The most notable of these was undoubtedly the massive palette swap from Doki Doki Panic in Japan to Super Mario Bros. 2 in the West. So it’s very cool to see Yacht Club Games really going for it here in a labor of love for Shovel Knight’s Japanese version.

Check out the full post over on Yacht Club Games’s blog.