Road to Ballhalla Released, Gets New Launch Trailer and Twitch Event

You would expect a game like Road to Ballhalla, where the goal is to navigate a series of Marble Madness-style obstacle courses, to have a lot of ball-related puns in its trailer, correct? Well, as the new launch trailer for the game shows, you would be one hundred percent correct. That said, the new trailer (which you can view below) also contains a heavy glimpse of the game’s gleefully snarky humor, challenging gameplay, and impressive soundtrack, the latter being quite important for a game describing itself as a rhythm-driven journey.

Road to Ballhalla is indeed on Steam right now for you to check out, but if you want something possibly even more challenging, then tinyBuild is celebrating the game’s release with a “Twitch Plays Ballhalla” event, which you can check out on their Twitch channel here. Lucky players can win Steam keys for Road to Ballhalla and other tinyBuild games, so it may indeed be worth checking out. Also, gonads. That is all.