Pokémon Go Update Adds New Tracking Feature

Developer Niantic has rolled out a new Pokémon Go update that features some improvements to the much maligned tracking features in the hit mobile game.

The new tracking option now called “Sightings” appears to show the Pokémon in your area. It doesn’t as of yet have the old tracking features that the game originally launched with in Australia and North America, but it does seem like similar feature is being rolled out to some users.

NeoGAF user Toki767 details a the new feature that appears to show nearby Pokéstops and what Pokémon are around them. He also demonstrated a tracking system, ala Pokévision, that puts an icon on Pokémon nearby Pokéstops that can be tracked down and caught.

Below are pictures of the patch notes, some of the new features and a demonstration from Toki767 showing off how the new tracking system works.

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