Level Up Your Dating Life in New Persona 5 Trailer

Persona is a very pretty JRPG full of quirky demons and colorful dungeons backed by hip soundtracks, but the true fan knows the real reason the franchise has always stood apart from its contemporaries. Many gamers might not find this gameplay trailer too enticing since it’s missing the flashy battle animations full of teens blowing their brains out, but it’s sure to spark the interest of the more studious of players.

Today’s Persona 5 trailer showed off what appears to be a quaint and classic date at the movie theatre with bae. Don’t forget that love is also a game and there’s victory and experience to gain in that realm. Play your cards right, smooch at an opportune moment and perhaps you’ll also level up your performance like they do in this short video. This little excerpt reminds us that Persona 5 will definitely include all the in-betweens that the franchise is known for.

Persona 5 launches worldwide outside of Japan on February 14, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.