Casual Corner: I Am a Brave Knight

We know how it is. You worked hard for your 10:1 KDR, but sometimes, you just want to take five, relax and enjoy a quick game on your phone. Unfortunately, finding good games is anything but quick – most mobile gems end up buried under a mountain of trash. But like we said, we know how it is, so every month we shine a spotlight on a great diversion to get you through the work week.

Each month we’ve been bringing you a game from the app store you may have overlooked and each month it’s generally a puzzle game or a shooter. As for variety when it comes to the app store, there isn’t much, but this month we stumbled upon something that we hadn’t played before on mobile and that’s a story driven game that doesn’t use puzzles to fill the time between each part. This month we bring you I am a Brave Knight from Tree Interactive.

I am a Brave Knight
is a story about the life a boy turning into a man. It all starts with his childhood, transitions to him growing up and being unruly, finding love, getting a job and having his own family. Every part of the story is told through the use of one sentence with a word underneath them that further develops what’s being said and shown. Characters are basically three dimensional rectangles adorned with hair or whatever else is needed for the scene. Backdrops look hand drawn and are minimal at best, but still look good. It all gives the game a nice touch and feels fitting once you get going.

Like I said before there aren’t any puzzles blocking your way from progressing. Instead in order to advance the story and dialogue, you have to draw the presented letter on your screen. If the game shows a “D” you simply draw that letter and the next, so on and so forth. Once you completed all the letters it will spell out the word under the dialogue and the scene will be complete. You take it all in for a second and move on to the next one. As for gameplay that’s literally all you do. It’s all about the story they want to tell and seemingly the one word shared thought underneath the dialogue.

Unfortunately, I am a Brave Knight is an incredibly short game. Rushing through each scene and it’ll probably last you about fifteen minutes tops. It is good for a nice lunch break though or to pass the time and you’re bored or the other run of the mill apps. It’s not the greatest game out there, but if you’re looking for something new, it’s worth a look. Nothing hurts from trying out a free game so give it a try. You can download I am a Brave Knight here on iOS and here on Android.

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