New Devon Arrives as Latest Free Multiplayer Map for Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog continues to show support for the multiplayer aspects of their latest release with the unveiling of a brand new map, New Devon.

Featuring a location visited in the second half of Uncharted 4’s single player campaign, Naughty Dog claims it’s one of the largest maps available in their multiplayer mode, and includes both expansive and enclosed areas for players to shoot and grapple within. The newest patch which includes this map also brings with it some much-needed changes to the way players earn Relics, as they are now granted after completing and winning matches instead of solely restricted to Challenges. Uncharted 4’s competitive modes are also receiving an update, with a new set of rewards for Season 2 and a variety of other changes to improve the overall experience.

Check out the trailer showcasing New Devon below, as well as Hardcore Gamer’s review of Uncharted 4, which credits the game as a “cinematic marvel that sets the bar for the action genre.”