Stardust Galaxy Warriors Coming to PS4 and Xbox One With Major Upgrades

Stardust Galaxy Warriors came out a bit under a year ago on Steam and since that time accumulated a nice little bundle of positive user reviews.  The co-op horizontal shooter not only allows four players to blast through the enemy waves together but also features a huge amount of difficulty sliders designed to make the experience as welcoming as possible to any skill level.  Dark Souls-hard is all very well and good but maybe it would be nice to let the player choose whether they want the game to stave their skull in or not.  Combine that with a number of play modes and a good amount of weapons and tools to tackle them with and the game earned itself a console edition and a nice upgrade to boot.  Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is coming out September 9 for PS4 and Xbox One, and of course the fans who owned the PC version already are getting the upgrade free.  The upgrade includes a new playable character, bringing the total available to five, as well as balancing out three game modes and adding a New Game Plus to tackle once you’ve beaten the main campaign.  Check out the new trailer to see the features in action, including exciting scenes of giant enemies spewing dense bullet swarms plus the incredible intensity of multiple scalable difficulty sliders in action!