Rad Rodgers Hopes to Bring Back PC Platformer Goodness

For many, the idea of classic platformers is synonymous with console gaming. However, those who played via PC in the early 90s have a very different view. Companies such as Apogee/3D Realms created tons of memorable platformers such as Commander Keen.

Interceptor Entertainment wants to channel this breed of platformer with their new game Rad Rodgers. It’s easy to see the inspiration, though Unreal Engine 4 certainly makes it look like a modern day title. Players will have a variety of weapons to choose from and get to turn enemies into bloody bursts of confetti.

Rad Rodgers hopes to be funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $50,000. They’ve got a month to go and still have a bunch of early bird tiers available for $8.

  • BiffChadwell

    Isn’t Interceptor just known as 3D Realms now?

    At any rate, yeah I feel this. Not even that nostalgic for the era – I’ve still yet to play a single Commander Keen or Duke Nukem title (though I played, and loved, the GBC Duke Nukem back in the day). GOG even occasionally gives away stuff from the era – I think I have a game from Apogee called “Secret Agent” or something? I know of more titles like Jazz Jackrabbit and Halloween Havoc and Alien Carnage… they’re all pretty neat in concept, even though I kinda hate old western sidescrollers (with their ill-defined collision and wonky jump physics, not to mention their unfocused, mazelike level designs more concerned with running you all over the place to collect various objects for high scores than they were getting to you a boss and a goal). But there’s definitely something about them all I dig – if LGR or Ancient Dos Games or someone like that is reviewing an old Apogee sidescroller, I’m gonna check it out.

    Plus, this looks like a really well done, really smart update. More along the lines of Black Forest Games’ AMAZING new Giana Sisters titles. I’m down to support this.