CoroCoro Reveals Evolutions and Ultra Beasts for Pokémon Sun and Moon

The world of Pokémon has just been expanded to include even more strange creatures. While we got a glimpse of some last week, today there are brand new Ultra Beasts to examine along with a couple of evolutions for a previously announced Pokémon. Sun and Moon is certainly not holding back on the content they wish to share.

First up is the evolved form of Rockruff, Lugarugan. It has been known for sometime that this Pokémon evolves from Rockruff depending on the night and day cycle. If your little one evolves during the day it turns into a larger, much more defined wolf known as the Midday Form. It gains longer hair along with a grown out mane and tail. Currently, much is unknown but will surely retain its Rock-type. However, if your Rockruff were to evolve at night, Lugarugan becomes a much more ferocious Pokémon called the Midnight Form. It becomes an almost feral-like werewolf standing up on its hind legs. While its Rock-type may remain, it would make sense to pair it with Dark, which there has only been one other Pokémon with this combination in Tyranitar. There was always mystery surrounding Rockruff and its potential, but we still haven’t uncovered everything about these Pokémon.

Now we have the Ultra Beasts. Currently, we only have images and theories on what these Pokémon are, or if we can really call them that. It is say there are a few of these powerful creatures in existence. UB-01 was shown off last week with many claiming it somehow be Lillie, who we met previously and is said to be very important. Today there are two different Ultra Beasts named UB-02. They seem to be version exclusives as UB-02 Beauty is seen battling in Pokémon Moon while UB-02 Expansion battles the same Pokémon in Sun. Beauty definitely appears to be based on some sort of shrimp as the segmented body, antennae, and pincer-like feet suggest. It is strikingly gorgeous and shows off a lot of mannerisms just in the pose alone. However, its long “hair” and hand on the hip makes it awfully look familiar and quite similar to Lusamine, the leader of the Aether Foundation.

Next is UB-02 Expansion. This Ultra Beast is quite large and bursting at the seams with muscles. It seems to take the appearance of  a crustacean or insect. It would make sense to have another beast referencing a marine organism as UB-01 and UB-02 Beauty do. Plus, the Alola Region is made of several islands with deep ties to the ocean. Currently, there does not seem to be a human resembling UB-02 Expansion. Perhaps we have yet to meet this person or the entire human-based theory is thrown out the window. We do know UB-02 can be seen battling Tapu Koko which leads us to believe there isn’t much of a positive relationship between guardian deities and Ultra Beasts. The clash looks to be vital within the storyline.

There will be more Pokémon news this week which will hopefully clear up any confusion. Until then, take a look at the CoroCoro scans below!