Pokémon Generations is a New Animated Series Coming to YouTube

A couple of years ago in 2013, Pokémon Origins was announced building up to the release of Pokémon XY. It was a fantastic anime series which shed a whole new light on various moments from the video game series. Instead of Ash and Pikachu traveling the world we saw Red, the main character in the games, as he progressed to becoming the champion.

Now, the stories will continue with a brand new mini-series in Pokémon Generations. It comes in the same style as its predecessor and features more moments from Red. However, we get to see whole new sides to the Pokémon world from all kinds of angles. The preview trailer below shows off Pokémon being used in tactical missions, the hunt for evil organizations and epic battles between Pokémon of all generations.

Pokémon Generations episodes begin airing on Pokémon’s official YouTube this Friday, September 16. Each one will only last a few minutes but will surely keep driving the story along from Kanto to Kalos and beyond. Take a look at the footage below and get ready for brand new adventures based on the acclaimed video game series.