Sony Debuts Silver, Metallic Red PS Vita Colors for Japan

Sony has lifted the curtain on two brand new PS Vita colors for Japan, Silver and Metallic Red.

The PS Vita is an anomaly. While Sony’s latest portable as crashed and bombed across North America and Europe, the device has remained a hot commodity in Japan. The country is well known for choosing portable devices over home consoles, allowing both the 3DS and PS Vita to thrive. So, it should be no surprise that Sony is releasing two new colors in their home country.

Sony announced the Silver and Metallic Red PS Vita models at their Japan press conference last night. These new colors will co-exist alongside the blue, white, orange, and black variants. These new colors launch December 1 in Japan, and are unlikely to ever launch outside Japan. While the black, white, and blue models did eventually release outside of Japan, many other limited edition colors did not. Still, all PS Vita models are no region-locked, which means that if you really want one of these new colors, you can import them.