Another Pokémon Sun and Moon Update Just Months Ahead of Release

There have been so many updates on the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon that it may be difficult to keep up. Just days ago we got a look at a couple of Ultra Beasts along with an evolution. However, Pokémaniacs are adamant in nature and can’t wait for more news coming all the way from the Alola region. Today, a brand new video gives us yet another glimpse into what is to come from the seventh generation of Pokémon games.

Speaking of Ultra Beasts, the previously mentioned creatures make their debut in this official trailer announcement. The footage below gives us a closer look at both UB02 beasts. Expansion has been renamed to Absorption is said to be strong and virtually unbreakable while Beauty is swift and quick on its feet. They will be version exclusive which means Absorption is in Pokémon Sun and Beauty comes to Moon. They are shown battling against Tapu Koko, one of the island deities. This looks to be a vital moment in the game’s storyline but not much has been revealed.

The video below and the screenshots seen in CoroCoro are similar. It’s a good thing for Pokémon not to reveal too much as we’ve been spoiled as of late. We can assume the stand off with Tapu Koko occurs fairly early in the game because we are still around Hala on Melemele Island. However, it could even be part of some flashback memory or happening while players continue their journey. Time will tell.

This short teaser was all we got for today, check it out below. Be sure to stay tuned as more news has been announced to come on September 20.