Syndrome Creeping onto PC This October

Developer Camel 101 have today confirmed that their upcoming first-person survival horror Syndrome will be releasing for PC next month on October 6. A console iteration for both PS4 & Xbox One will follow thereafter, slated for early next year, but it’s safe to say that Syndrome has been on our watch-list since we got hands-on time with the game at this year’s EGX Rezzed.

Camel 101 claim that Syndrome will take the genre “back to its roots with weapons that are few and far between, and ammunition too limited to take out all the bloodthirsty creatures roaming about the dark confines of the ship.” On top of today’s announcement, the developers have released a thirteen-minute demo, which you can view below, which showcases some of the game’s futuristic setting and use of ambience in the vain of System Shock & Dead Space to create something both anxious and unsettling.