Zenith Release Date Announced

Badland Games have brought out Zenith, an action-RPG with a parody spin on the genre. In Zenith, players take on the role of Argus – a thirty-something wizard who is a retired hero. Having had more than his own fair share of adventures and saving of the world, Argus was really looking forward to retiring and taking a well-deserved breather. Unfortunately for him, a new generation of self-important, holier-than-thou “hero” scumbags have demonstrated they have the potential to disturb a very powerful artifact.

The game features elemental equipment for boots, belts, tunics, bracers, rings, and pendants. The elements modify Argus’s abilities and attributes, allowing combinations optimized for different combat situations. With over a hundred different items, plenty of puzzles, detailed dungeons, and a helping of references, Zenith is planned as a competent RPG in its own right.

See a trailer for Zenith below. Zenith is out September 20, on PlayStation 4 and PC.