Remedy Entertainment Announces New Commitment to Co-Op Multiplayer

Remedy Entertainment, the studio known for Max Payne, Alan Wake, and their latest title, Quantum Break, has detailed a new direction for the previously singleplayer-based developer.

In a recent blog post, Directors Mikael Kasurinen and Sam Lake have addressed this new development by reaffirming their commitment to telling “exciting and cinematic stories”, but feel challenged to incorporate those elements into a cooperative multiplayer experience due to the constantly changing nature of the video game industry. The post also states that Remedy will continue to assist Smilegate with the story mode for Crossfire 2, as well as work on a brand-new IP, while also improving the studio’s internal engine known as Northlight. While no additional details were revealed about this new IP, Remedy seems to hope that their stories will have the potential to be “shared and elevated through players’ cooperation”, and have announced a new Lead Network Programmer position for interested parties to apply for.

As Remedy attempts to create another new universe for the third time in their last four games, make sure to check out Hardcore Gamer’s review of their latest one, Quantum Break, which praises the game’s strong sense of story, even when the gameplay doesn’t quite reach the same standards.