Suda51’s The Silver Case Gets Release Date and Physical PC Edition

Limited Run Games has kept to Sony’s platforms so far but the opportunity to work with Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture was too good to resist.  During a press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Suda51 announced that not only is The Silver Case HD being released on October 7, but it’s also getting a physical version as well.  This would be Limited Run Games’ first PC title, and as one would hope from a big-box game, it’s getting a nice selection of goodies inside.

In addition to the game disk, there’s also a full color art book, soundtrack CD, a comic written by Suda51 that’s a prequel to the game’s events and of course a manual.  For those not wanting a nice box packed full of extras the regular edition with just the digital game will be $19.99, while the deluxe version that comes with non-physical versions of the box’s contents is $29.99.

But really, who wouldn’t want a nice classic PC gaming box to brighten up their shelves?

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