Pokémon Sun and Moon Updates Continue with New Trailers

Last week we received word of brand new Ultra Beasts, yet still don’t know much about them. Another Pokémon Sun and Moon update was released in the form of a trailer filled with a range of information. Pokémaniacs are lucky to receive so much content months before the games actually release. We have provided two trailers for you in Japanese and English as they both show off different things.

The trailer begins by showing off even more trainer customization with all kinds of new hairstyles and colors to choose from. So far it is shaping up to offer even more options than Pokémon XY. There is also more footage shown of Pokémon-Amie features. Groom your Pokémon to perfection to look lovely both in and out of battle.

New Z-Moves, exclusive to Eevee and Pikachu, have been announced. It seems Eevee receives a boost in power with the help of its evolution line in order to use Extreme Evoboost. This gives every one of its stats a sharp increase. Pikachu dances and grows stronger with its trainer to use Catastropika. It hurls itself like a cannon toward opponents.

Two brand new Pokémon were revealed as well. Both are primates but seem to be unrelated. One is a monkey/lemur named Passimian, a Fighting-type that uses tools for offense and defense. Its new ability, Receiver, allows it to gain the ability of a fallen Pokémon. It is exclusive to Pokémon Sun. There is also a large orangutan named Oranguru, which is a Normal/Psychic-type that appears calm in the heat of battle. It has Telepathy and Inner Focus. A new attack called Instruct lets its partner use the same move twice. Oranguru can be found in Pokémon Moon. Both a ready for battle and should up the ante when it comes to competitions.

Rockruff’s evolution is shown to us in more detail as well. Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc and we’ve learned previously, there will be version exclusive forms to use. The Midday Form is available in Pokémon Sun it is a pure Rock-type with Keen Eye and Sand Rush. There is the Midnight Form in Pokémon Moon which is also a pure Rock-type. It has Keen Eye and Vital Spirit. No matter which one you receive, it’s bound to be a strong addition to your team.