Astroneer Gets an Early Access Trailer to Go With Launch Window Announcement

Astroneer has been a pure crowd-pleaser since its reveal and the wait to go hands-on (outside of a show like PAX) is finally coming to an end.  While there’s no launch date there’s now a launch window of December, and to celebrate its pending release to Steam Early Access and Xbox One/Windows 10 Game Preview a new trailer was released today.  It’s basically all things we’ve seen before but looking awfully pretty, with a group of Astroneers running around in multiplayer placing tech and deforming the terrain over a series of planets.  Each world is accessible from the previous one, once you’ve got the resources and equipment to travel, with the end goal being to get filthy stinkin’ rich.  Unless the mysteries and oddities discovered along the way distract you from that goal, of course, because even a plan as simple as fortune-seeking can get derailed by the surprises discovered on alien worlds.

Astroneer launches at $19.99 sometime in December, although that price is subject to change as the game builds and grows throughout the one to two years its planned to stay in Early Access.