Far from Noise — A Quiet Narrative

For those not familiar with George Bachelors work, Far from Noise might seem like a game with not much going on under the hood. Yet, Bachelor has already proved himself an excellent crafter of narrative driven games, using dialog choice as the main driving force for his games. Previously having worked on Hot Date, a game about speeding dating adorable pugs, Bachelor creates a quite different narrative experience in Far from Noise, a game where you find yourself precariously teetering on the edge of a cliff in your old rusted out car. The sun setting on the horizon over a vast ocean, as you are stuck in a life or death situation.

While it seems to maintain Bachelors sense of humor (albeit slightly darker), Far from Noise is a game about self-contemplation and getting back to nature. The narrative instead focusing on the character in the car, a young 20 something with reasons of her own for being out in the wilderness. Far from Noise promises to be a game with emergent choices that will shape the narrative of the game, thus leading you to find out more about how you came to be in the situation you’re in. Each play through promising to be different than the last based on dramatic events, and the dialog choices you make.

Far from Noise is currently on its way through the greenlight process on Steam, looking to be another promising narrative driven indie of 2016. If you would like to see more on Far from Noise you can to the game’s website, or visit the Steam page and give it the greenlight.