Reus Coming to Consoles, Physical Edition on PS4

A few years ago there was a god game called Reus and it was quite good.  You didn’t control just one god but a group of four as they brought their planet to life while managing the humans developing their civilizations on the surface.  The entire game played out on a circular planetary cross-section, with the behemoth gods walking in the background and performing miracles to turn the earth from wasteland into a thriving environment bursting with life.  Over three years later and suddenly it’s getting a port to PS4 and Xbox One, which may be a little out-of-the-blue but also not a nice addition to each console’s library.  The Xbox One version is digital-only, but the PS4 gets a physical release to go with it thanks to publisher Soedesco’s ongoing support for the format.  Soedesco has been publishing the console editions of European-developed titles such as Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Ether One, and Among the Sleep, all of which come in handy disc form to complement the digital release.  At this point it’s looking like physical gaming can be considered no longer on life support, especially if a game in a niche genre like Reus (god-game, 2D) can earn retail shelf space.