Collector’s Cabinet: Gal*Gun: Double Peace Mr. Happiness Edition

There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive and shelf space can come at a premium. Every month, Hardcore Gamer picks a premium collectible from our cavernous swag vaults and tells you whether it’s worth a spot in your Collector’s Cabinet.


In Japan, the Xbox 360 was never a particularly beloved console, but even so, it had received its fair share of completely unique exclusives in the region. Gal*Gun launched in 2011 and managed to gain some attention from an international audience thanks to its oddball concept of “shooting” high school girls in an on-rails fashion. Game publishing wasn’t quite at the state it is today, meaning that nobody was willing to touch Gal*Gun. Times have changed! Earlier this year, PQube produced an English-language version of sequel Gal*Gun: Double Peace for both North American and European customers.

PQube provided all manner of versions to customers. First, every edition of the game was split into an ESRB-rated and PEGI-rated edition. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita iterations were available physically so that both console and handheld fans would be pleased. As for the editions themselves, they included a standalone game copy and Limited Edition (including art book and DLC), both of which are still available. The edition which sold out pre-release in both regional and console variants is known as the Gal*Gun: Double Peace Mr.Happiness Edition. Originally sold for £64.99 / £69.99 (or approximately $90), this set has recently been seen selling on eBay for $250+. Here’s hoping all the Gal*Gun lovers out there were able to snag a copy themselves.


If you didn’t, here’s a look at what goodies have been missed out on. First are the tidbits also included with the Limited Edition. A DLC voucher is included on a cute little pamphlet which grant players access to five exclusive outfits (Cunning Kunoichi, Ripped Costume, Sakurazaki Squad 777, Sexy Ribbons, and Wedding Dress). Then there’s the nearly 100 page artbook, which as you might expect, has a fair share of fan service depicted, not to mention the paper quality is quite nice and images are presented primarily in full color. The only disappointment really is that the book isn’t hardback. So, what is it you’re spending an additional money on with the Mr. Happiness Edition?

First off, this set has an enormously long pink box. If you thought that the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Edition was massive, think again. The strangely impressive height is thanks purely to the inclusion of a wall scroll, one of which includes a surprisingly tame image of Maya and Shinobu. The decision to go for a cloth wall scroll as opposed to a poster was a good idea by PQube. Once you get past that item, however, you’ll find the box mostly empty and a really inefficient way to store its contents. Also included is a soundtrack CD far beefier than most included in limited editions as the two disc set contains a total of 64 tracks.


There was one item that really made this edition stand out against the rest and makes total sense within the context of Gal*Gun: Double Peace. This is of course the inclusion a screen cleaner in both PS4 and Vita Mr. Happiness Editions. What’s the big deal about a screen cleaner? Oh, just the fact that it is modeled after a pair of panties with white and blue stripes, an iconic coloration that fans of Japanese anime or manga are probably familiar with. It’s an absolutely ridiculous addition, but at least it’s more unique than a dakimakura (pillow cover) bonus.

After digging through all the Mr. Happiness Edition goodies, it’s finally time to play Gal*Gun: Double Peace. While this arcade-style shooter certainly isn’t the best of the genre, its utter absurdity makes it worth playing to some. The Mr. Happiness Edition celebrates all that is wacky about the series and the fact that it sold out shows PQube were right on the money. You can still pick up a standard physical copy or Limited Edition from Amazon or Rice Digital, but for those who don’t care for physical goods, you should instead look to PSN or (soon) on Steam to get their Gal*Gun: Double Peace fix.

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