Neverwinter Receiving Massive Update to Latest Expansion: ‘Storm King’s Thunder’

Cryptic Studios continues to work hard to keep their game, Neverwinter, fresh with content. Letting gamers be caught up is simply not in their vernacular. The trend continues with the announcement of their latest expansion, Storm King’s Thunder-Sea of Moving Ice. Based on the announced new features and additions, attaching this expansion to previously released content by name might be underselling it. Adventurers can look forward to:

  • A full new adventure zone
  • New mode of travel (nautical ships)
  • An added fishing minigame
  • Treasure hunting (complete with searching for elusive pieces of maps)
  • New Artifact weapons
  • An epic assault event where players take on the defenses of Svardborg


That’s a boatload (har har) of new content. The story set up is that Jarl Storvard is close to deciphering the Ring of Winter, with an eye on covering the world in permafrost. It will be up to players to put a stop to these shenanigans. While a strongly worded letter explaining why blanketing the lands in ice is asinine might be a good first step (“Hey dingus: how are you going to eat?”), somebody that crazy would be better served with a good, old fashioned stab in the eye, with a side of arcane magic through the chest. PC players can look forward to melee diplomacy November 9. Console players will need to wait a bit after that, usually two to three months or so.