The Assembly Launching with PlayStation VR

It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at The Assembly, but all indications show that it turned out very well. Developer nDreams seem to agree as they are working hard to make sure that the adventure game will be ready to launch on PlayStation VR on October 13. This all but ensures that there will be an engrossing title available for the early adopters to enjoy when they wear through the demo disc and feel like experiencing a narrative.

In the game, players travel to a lab that treats scientific ethics and morals like a cat’s plaything. Anybody who has enjoyed any fiction ever will realize that this…doesn’t turn out well. It will be up to the player to get to the bottom of what’s happening in this first person adventure game. Folks who went for a different VR option will be happy to know that it is already available for the PC based sets. There is also a non-VR option. Check out the launch trailer below.