Being Good at The Binding of Isaac Might Earn You a Free Game

The cult around the the 2013 rouge-like Binding of Isaac runs deep. A quick glance will show YouTube channels dedicated to Let’s Plays and forums filled with a fan base that love its procedural generated dungeons to no extent. Amplify Games, the developer of a the new rouge-like Polygod, are no exception to this phenomena, so much so, that they are offering steam users who got some of the hardest achievements in Isaac the opportunity to play their game for free.

Polygod, the early access trailer of which you can see below, is a first person shooter rouge-like that it’s developer says he hopes will resonate with the Binding of Isaac community.

“I really loved The Binding of Isaac and I think Polygod will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac,” said the Amplify Games cofounder Dominic Obojkovits, “because of this, I want to reward the most dedicated players with a copy of Polygod.”

As you might’ve guessed the achievements required to get a copy of Polygod aren’t the easiest. The most achieved, Hard Game has only a 1.1% completion rate, but this might incentivize you to go to your laptop and start shooting tears at blood clots.