4 Features That Should be Included on the Nintendo NX

There have been tons of rumors flying around about the NX, as Nintendo has yet to show us what it looks like and just exactly what we can expect from it. Despite being set for release to release in around five months from now, all we can positively say is that it’s a console of some design. If we’re to assume it will be somewhat similar to it’s Wii U predecessor, there are a few features we’re hoping it adds to match up with the modern console market. Whether or not these end up being part of the system has yet to be seen, but if we’re lucky maybe the NX will go above and beyond expectations.

Transferable Save Data


While it may seem like a straightforward idea, the Wii U lacked the ability to copy data from one console to another. Flash drives were not able to be used unless they were formatted for that specific system, leading to the issue of having to format the flash drive for a second system and which would then remove any save data on it. This made it impossible to move data unless doing an entire system transfer. On the other hand, the 3DS allows players to copy their save data from their memory card onto a computer and then move it to a new memory card with little issue, so it’s a wonder the Wii U didn’t offer a similar solution. Simply adding a cloud feature to the NX or allowing players to copy data onto an external flash drive would help massive amounts for the system and make data management considerably more convenient for everyone.

Twitch Streaming

Both the PS4 and Xbox One offer an easy way for anyone to quickly start streaming their gameplay on Twitch, and this has been one of the more popular features on both consoles. While it’s no secret that Nintendo has often been a little bit behind when it comes to more modern concepts for consoles, giving the NX an instant twitch streaming feature would be widely appreciated and loved by fans. The closest Nintendo has gotten to this idea was allowing people to upload short videos of their races from Mario Kart 8 to YouTube. More and more gamers want to find ways to share their gameplay without having to purchase recording equipment, and adding it to the NX could even generate more interest from those who might be on the fence about getting one.

Achievement System

Xbox, Playstation and even Steam offer some form of achievements or trophies for the majority of their games. These achievements in games give players a sense of satisfaction when they complete the most difficult task in a game, or even just from beating the game. When Nintendo first advertised My Nintendo, many fans thought it might be similar to achievements or trophies by getting rewarded for playing games, but the only game so far that benefits from it is their mobile game, Miitomo. Even without offering a monetary bonus, all players regardless of the platform enjoy challenging objectives in video games that rewards them with some sort of medal they could show off to their friends. Many games, such as Hyrule Warriors and Monster Hunter, already offer in-game medals for players to unlock by completing certain objectives. Going even further and offering it to every game available would offer more replayability to games, in addition to broadening the social interaction between players on the Miiverse asking for help or tips on beating certain challenges.

Themes and Badges

3dslayoutThe 3DS received an update around two years ago that gave players the option of decorating their home screen with themes. These themes offered unique backgrounds that matched games players enjoyed while typically including music from whichever game title the theme was from, over the two years since themes were released they’ve added many more for users to purchase and decorate their 3DS with. Following the theme of decoration Nintendo released the Badge Arcade, which allowed people to further decorate their home screen in various creative ways. This feature never made it to the Wii U and while it may be purely cosmetic, being able to customize a home screen makes it feel less like a blank slate and more like it’s a personalized game hub. It’s safe to assume the NX will likely feature a home screen similar to it’s predecessor, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to hope it allows more customization for players. If it offers multiple profiles like the Wii U then each one could be different depending on who was using the console. Nintendo does actively market towards families and it is a feature everyone would enjoy using.

While none of these are truly necessary for the system, they would have an impact if made available. We still don’t know when the NX will finally be revealed, but hopefully some of these features have a chance of making it onto the console and give fans some more great news to look forward to. Nintendo always aims to make their system and games fun for every individual and these would no doubt boost any players enjoyment throughout the NX’s lifetime. You can leave a comment down below if you have some other great features you’d like to see included on the NX too.