Review: 100ft Robot Golf (PSVR)

NoGoblin’s quirky sense of humor shined brightly in 2014’s Roundabout and continues on here. Where that game succeeded at not only allowing you to test your car-twirling skills in an FMV adventure, this one succeeds at combining robots and golf in new and exciting ways. It has a really light-hearted sense of humor with a darn fine game of virtual golfing. Given its pick up and play nature, it’s a perfect inclusion for the PlayStation VR’s demo disc and something that provides a lot of enjoyment even for non-golfing fans.

NoGoblin’s charm shines through the second you start the game and giant anime robots show up to play golf while busty women are showcased to show you your score. Because of course they are! You cannot question any of this — instead, you’ll be much happier just flying around golf courses all through space to get the best possible score. It can be played in VR mode or out of it with the experience changing quite a bit — but in very good ways for each method. Non-VR play has things work like they would in a regular golf game — only with a bit more interactivity.

You still have things like your power gauge and slice gauge, but you can move around between holes. Normally, this would be a fairly mundane activity involving either a golf cart or walking — but nothing is mundane when you’re dealing with 100 foot tall robots! Here, you can walk if you want or better yet, use your boosters and jump or fly wherever you wish. Hit a ball that goes a bit too far? Fine — just fly right after it. Playing in 2D allows you to follow the ball around and spin around it with the sticks, while VR play puts you in the role of the robot and shifts things to a first-person viewpoint.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it doesn’t really affect the core game negatively since that’s all meter-driven. You can’t blame a poor round of golf on VR — only you can control when the X button is hit to properly position the gauges where you want them to be. Playing in VR definitely makes things more immersive because you can physically look around the area and see what you’d be seeing in the game’s world. It’s a bit odd to see lava and/or the moon near you but cool. Things get really neat when you start flying because then you’re getting the sensation of being in-flight to a small degree — this could really be a boon for a Superman VR game.

Closing Comments:

100ft Robot Golf is fun to play, but it’s not all due to the core gameplay — the announcers add a ton of personality. They crack jokes while also lamenting that in order to make this competition, the moon was in fact destroyed. The dark humor throughout works wonderfully and the anime-style cinematics are out of left field given that this is a golf game, but work towards making this bizarre concept even funnier. Everything about this game clicks, even though it probably shouldn’t work in theory. Anyone who loves a casual golf game should check it out.

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