New Splatoon Title Possibly in the Works

With Nintendo’s huge announcement of the Nintendo Switch early this morning, there was a lot of emphasis on its functionality and how games are played as opposed to the actual titles they have coming up. Of course, it was only a teaser and possibly too early to spill the beans just yet. However, towards the end of the trailer came some familiar kids and squids.

Splatoon was a hit for the Wii U as the companies most original and recent original property in years. The game’s¬†Inklings made an appearance while sporting new looks and weapons. They are shown off with different hairstyles which means players will get to customize outfits even more. There were also some unfamiliar weaponry in action. We can tell by the designs and colors they do not already exist but still unsure if they are models for this trailer.¬†Finally, the area where the battle took place seemed to be a combination of Urchin Underpass and the training grounds from single player. There are a couple of trees placed in different locations compared to the Underpass and a suspended bridge that can be inked, both of which do not appear in any current location.

Now, at this point and time we can only speculate on what is to come. Perhaps “Spla2n” is in the works or it may be some kind of standalone software meant for competitive events. Nintendo has been tapping into the world of eSports as of late especially using Splatoon as seen in the video below from the ESL Go4Splatoon European Cup. There has been no announcements from Splatoon besides mentioning a “new species” of squid from the Japanese Twitter account.

Regardless of what’s to come, it is all exciting to hear and see. We’ll be sure to update you with more information on Splatoon in the near future.