Hello Neighbor’s New Trailer Shows Off the Mysterious Basement

Since its official announcement earlier this month, tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels have made quite a splash with Hello Neighbor, the first-person stealth horror game where you attempt to figure out just what dark secrets your neighbor is hiding by devising a way to sneak into their home without being caught. The goal is to eventually make your way into the neighbor’s basement, but what exactly will you find down there? Well, a new trailer taken straight from a live gameplay session reveals what part of the answer is, and it may not be pretty.

As seen below, it turns out the game doesn’t end when you reach the basement. Oh, far from it. It turns out the area beneath the house is quite the labyrinth, with several puzzles, obstacles, and locked doors, because your neighbor really wants to keep something hidden. Something that may involve children, if that scream is any indication. Oh, and naturally, said neighbor will be chasing you this whole time, ready to end your life. Sounds like fun indeed! In addition to the new trailer, tinyBuild also announced that the pre-alpha of Hello Neighbor is now available for everyone to check out, which you can download from the game’s official website. So if you’re looking for some thrills this Halloween in the vein of Rear Window, you may definitely want to give it a spin. Just make sure you don’t have a weak heart.