Seraph Hits the PS4 on November 1

You may recall that earlier this month, we raved about a particular 2D action game called Seraph. An acrobatic shooter with procedurally-generated levels, auto-aiming done right, and frenetic gameplay that truly rewarded skill, it was quite the hit indeed. But now it won’t be just PC owners who get to experience the game, as developers Dreadbit have announced that the PS4 version of Seraph will be released shortly on November 1, as seen in the announcement trailer below.

So far, it appears that that the PS4 version will not have any major differences from the PC version, even apparently keeping the game’s Twitch integration, which allows watchers to vote for any possible modifiers in upcoming levels. This game of action-packed angelic anarchy should fit right in with the console gaming landscape, so those of you who missed it the first time around may want to take a peek on November 1 when it heads to Sony’s world.