13AM Games Talks Runbow Deluxe Edition, Future Titles, Gameplay Decisions

Runbow is an enjoyable title that takes the challenge of fast-paced platforming and combines it with ever-changing colors that will make once stable objects disappear before your very eyes. Whether alone, with friends or online, this game has a variety of ways to play. With the Deluxe Edition coming out soon for Wii U soon and releasing next year on 3DS, we had the chance to ask developers 13AM Games a few questions about this colorfully-creative game.

[Hardcore Gamer] What made you decide the game would be a fit for the New 3DS?

[13AM Games] This is something our fans have been asking for since the day we launched Runbow. We know Runbow is a super deep experience with yourself or with friends, and now it’s one that you can take on the go too!

Are there any differences between the New 3ds and Wii U versions of the game?

We actually are striving to bring the full game to New 3DS, with the same mountain of content that people have come to expect from Runbow. So all 145 adventure levels, the whole Bowhemoth, and all the multiplayer levels (online only) will be making an appearance.

Where did the decision come from to only allow up to 9 players? Was the original plan to allow even more only to have it cut down?

The decision actually came from figuring out which console would let us create the biggest local multiplayer experience. The answer was the Wii U because we had seen a game on the Wii (GyroStarr) use a Wii Remote – Classic Controller connection and get inputs from both to register two individual players. So we knew this was doable on some scale on the Wii. Then hey, we tried connecting 4 Wii Remotes and seeing if we could read from all the Classic Controllers plugged into them. It worked! Throw the Wii U GamePad in there and boom. 9.

Are there any plans for additional DLC following the release of the Deluxe edition?

With the upcoming release of Shantae and Runbow’s final online patch, Runbow is DLC complete. But the benefit of the Deluxe edition is that all of the DLC released to date is available on disc right out of the box. No downloading, no waiting, just popping on all those sweet costumes and getting right in to the game!

What other outside characters would you like to see in the game? Quite a few have been made available already, is it possible Nintendo characters could appear running along with the Runbow crew?

Nintendo is very protective of their IP, and rightly so, they’ve made some of the most memorable games of the last 30 years. That’s probably why you don’t see a ton of Nintendo crossovers happen. It’s something we’d love, but like I mentioned, we are moving off of new character DLC with the addition of Shantae, who, we have to admit, was our fans’ most requested addition from day one. We are so happy that we were able to work with Wayforward and get her to join the fun.

Can you see this title turning into a different genre of game; sports, rpg, card game, etc.? What do you envision for the Runbow game in the future?

We are still figuring out where we are going to take this IP next. There’s a lot that can be done and we love all different types of games. We’ve had fans requests RPGs and Fighting Games in the Runbow family, but the flip side is that it might be nice to work on something else for a bit. I know it’s not much of a concrete answer, but the truth is we are still figuring it out!

Is there anything you cut from the game to save time, such as additional modes or unlockables?

We prototyped a lot of things that didn’t make it in there. Like a pinball gametype mode that you would play with the GamePad (wasn’t fun!), a Javelin that let you stick other players to the ground (that code was still in there until we shipped!), and we even had a bunch of cheats that we didn’t have time to test, so we had to pull them (invincibility mode anyone?). Ultimately we had big plans for the game that we needed to scale down for time and, ultimately, quality of the game.

Since Runbow relies heavily on color, what has been the most challenging part of making it available for those who are colorblind?

We actually balanced all the colours in our game, especially in multiplayer mode, so that they work well as distinct tones. Basically, in greyscale, you will still see four unique colours on every colour palette (even the all-blue waterfall palette). This was a lot of work, but worth it to make sure that even more people could play and have fun. There are definitely palettes that are better for different types of colour deficiencies, but in multiplayer modes we did it so you can control as much as possible which palettes you see. In Adventure mode, you might not be able to change palettes, but you can pick your path to the boss and there might be level palettes that you prefer along the way.

Is 13AM trying to ruin friendships and turn people against one another with such a fast-paced, free-for-all race? Is that the goal of this team?

You caught us! We’re trying to destabilize every friendship on earth through colour and terrible puns. That has our evil plan all along! Stay tuned later this year when we roll out phase 2, a line of Runbow-themed “Forgive Me” cards. We can’t lose.

The retail version of Runbow Deluxe Edition will be available on November 1 for Wii U and the 3DS version is set to release early 2017. Thank you very much to everyone at 13AM games and the whole Runbow crew for taking the time to answer these questions.