Multiplayer Dating Sim Monster Prom Hits Kickstarter

Given the number of indie dating sims with outlandish premises we’ve seen cross our paths (Winged Cloud alone pumping out a good chunk of them), the idea of one where you’re in an all-monster high school attempting to hook up with your vampire, ghost, and demon classmates doesn’t seem that shocking at first. But a multiplayer dating sim? That stands out quite a bit indeed, and that’s what developers Beautiful Glitch (the same folks behind the Indie G Zine) are bringing to the table with Monster Prom, now currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Set three weeks before the titular event, Monster Prom has you racing to find a date before then, having to choose from one of six potential monsters to hook up with, each reflecting a different high school character type. Playing solo or with up to four players locally, and choosing from four different characters, you set out to pursue your dream date (with all characters accepting of any sexual orientation, so you can ship whoever you’d like) through hundreds of events and choices, with countless outcomes and items to collect and secret endings to pursue. Aside from the unique multiplayer angle, the game also boasts a striking and cartoonish art style and a cute sense of humor.

If any of of that interests you, feel free to check out the trailer below, view more about the game over at its Kickstarter page and help chip in (Beautiful Glitch is seeking an €8,000 goal, and are halfway there as of the time of this writing), or vote for it on Steam Greenlight. If all goes well, Monster Prom should give us a case of some truly twisted high school life come May 2017.