amiibo Update to Animal Crossing Brings Old Villagers, Splatoon and More

The new Animal Crossing update brought with it a slew of new villagers for the player to visit and interact with. There are 50 new amiibo cards available for players to collect, which fans might recognize from older Animal Crossing games. These villagers aren’t found in the game currently, but using these new amiibo cards will allow players to visit with them through the camp grounds, and can even ask them to move into their town. Players can also take advantage of older sets of amiibo cards as well, gaining access to almost any villager. Many of these villagers will have unique items that can only be bought using Meow coupons, making them worth visiting even if players don’t want to invite them to stay. Using the official Animal Crossing amiibo set, players can invite the amiibo NPCs to the camping ground and investigate their RV items for purchase.

There is also some cool new cross-overs happening in Animal Crossing. Using the new Sanrio amiibo cards, which are available starting November 25, players can meet animal villagers who are huge fans of Hello Kitty, My Melody, and even more familiar Sanrio characters. Players can buy their Sanrio-themed furniture and clothing to take home for themselves and decorate in all sorts of new adorable ways.

For players with the Splatoon amiibo, they can welcome three new villagers into the camp grounds using the Callie, Marie, and any one of the Inkling amiibos. These three villagers are all fans of Inkopolis and have a variety of exclusive Splatoon items for players to get their hands on and put in their homes. For those looking for more adventurous items, the Zelda amiibo are also compatible with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and will unlock four villagers stocked up with a load of exclusive items. Wolf Link, Ganon, Medli, and even Epona will all be willing to come and visit the camp grounds giving players access to some cool new Zelda items. Players can even get a brand new costume and wig themed after Link from the upcoming Breath of the Wild game.

You check out just a few of the new things in Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the screenshots below: