Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Available Now

Nintendo wasted no time announcing right off the bat that the update for Animal Crossing New Leaf is already available for fans to download today for fans across the world. Although there has been a big emphasis on the addition of being able to use amiibo, the game added a load of new content for those without amiibo as well. The biggest new addition is the camp grounds, which allows players to visit the new character Harvey. In his camp grounds he has items for sale using a new unique in-game currency called Meow coupons, which are earned by doing every-day activities such as fishing and catching bugs. His camp ground is also where players will go in order to meet the new amiibo characters and also purchase their furniture.

The other big addition to the game is mini-games, which are accessed via in-game versions of the Wii U and 3DS. The Wii U will unlock the game Desert Island Escape, where three villagers have seven days to try and collect all the items they need to escape the island they were left on. The 3DS in-game item gives players access to the Animal Crossing Puzzle League game, a cute fruit-themed matching game. This game needs players to match three or more fruit blocks in order for them to disappear before the fruit rises to the top of the screen.

If any players want to start their town over again but don’t want to be set too far back, Animal Crossing now allows players to evaluate their town through Tom Nook and sell it, giving them a head start with a stack of money in their pocket so they’re not so deep in debt this time around when starting fresh.

This update is available completely free right now for all owners of Animal Crossing New Leaf, so pick up your 3DS and get back into those mayoral duties and enjoy all the new content Animal Crossing: New Leaf has to offer. Watch the direct in its entirety right here: