Reunite with Corvo’s Powers in Latest Dishonored 2 Trailer

After giving new protagonist Emily Kaldwin the spotlight last week, Arkane is now providing the same overview to returning player-character Corvo Attano, who now sports new updates to his familiar arsenal of abilities.

As can be seen in the trailer below, Creative Director Harvey Smith lays out how the studio has updated the first Dishonored’s multi-natured hero. In addition to a voice, Corvo now comes with a variety of new upgrade paths for the player to take advantage of, enhancing his supernatural powers to all-new levels. Just like with Emily, the video highlights both the destructive and more subtle aspects of these updated abilities, allowing players the freedom to progress through the campaign as they see fit.

Mere days now separate fans from Arkane’s second game, as Dishonored 2 releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 11.