Gran Turismo Sport Will Not Have Full VR Compatibility

When Gran Turismo Sport was originally revealed, developer Polyphony Digital revealed that the upcoming racing title would have PlayStation VR support. While some were hoping that this would be similar to Driveclub VR, in that players would be able to race in virtual reality, this unfortunately is not the case according to information obtained by

According to a conversation the outlet had with Polyphony Digital President Kazanori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo Sport will feature a VR Tour mode. This likely means that players will only be able to fly around the available tracks, but will not be able to race with a headset plugged in (unless they are in the standard cinematic view). Additionally, this could also mean that players will be able to look at car models in VR.

Fans are already disappointed with the news, as Driveclub VR has proved to be a source of motion sickness among PS VR users.

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  • Keith Neal

    I was looking forward to a driving simulator on PSVR , I really enjoy Driveclub vr and motion sickness goes away after a few plays , i hope project cars doesn’t disappoint as well

  • Diamond 482

    Epic fail.