Nidhogg 2 Confirmed for PS4

Developer Messhof have today confirmed the sequel to their hit 2014 co-op fighter, Nidhogg, will be coming to PS4. Though the original game did eventually come to Sony’s platforms, for both PS4 & Vita in October 2014 — nine months after its original PC release — it seems as though console players won’t have to wait as nearly as long to try out Messhof’s follow-up.

Away from the clear and drastic change in art-style, Nidhogg 2 will see players able to fight with more than blades this time round, with the ability to equip bow and arrows as well as axes to take down their opponent. There’s been no word on whether today’s announcement means that the game is now a full exclusive to PS4 or not, but Nidhogg 2 is expected to release in early 2017.