Blaster Master Zero Coming to 3DS in Spring 2017

Roughly 28 years old, Blaster Master was among the most niche games to ever come out for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now, Inti Creates has taken the reigns of the Sunsoft game and is bringing it to life again on the 3DS in Blaster Master Zero. The company is looking forward to bringing back the 8-bit experience that both enhances the game with the new hardware as well as brings players back to the golden age of the NES.

The game follows the original pretty closely as you play as Jason Frudnick who can take control of Sophia the 3rd in order to traverse through dungeons to search for Fred, a strange creature who disappears shortly after you find him.

No real information aside from release window and platform has been released but we can expect to hear more about Blaster Master Zero pretty soon.