Nintendo Releases Overview Video for Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update

After a big Animal Crossing: New Leaf update was revealed earlier this month and launched last week, Nintendo has now granted fans with a trailer which presents a summary of all the new features being added to the peaceful chore simulator.

The biggest feature that this update brings to New Leaf is the ability to use Animal Crossing amiibos in order to bring various villagers into a player’s household, while amiibos from other Nintendo franchises will grant the player with new clothing items and gear which relate to that series. The video also discusses the Campground, which is a brand new area players can explore, daily and weekly objectives called Town Initiatives, some new minigames, and much more, which provides plenty of reason for current owners to revisit their (likely long abandoned) towns.

Both the update detailed in the video below and the full game are available now on Nintendo 3DS. For more on the future of the Animal Crossing franchise, keep it here on Hardcore Gamer.