Funko Pop! Vinyl Infected by Resident Evil Figures

You can try and run or fight but these cute Resident Evil Funko Pop! figures are coming to get you. This January, you can add some classic characters to your collection as there are quite a few obtain. Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy have to take down Nemesis and Licker. No exact release date has been announced but all will be available in multiple stores.

There are also some super sized figures measuring six inches in height to find at exclusive retailer locations. Hunter creatures can be found at GameStop, Tyrant are located in Hot Topic, and a special glow-in-the-dark Tyrant will be available at Target. Take a look at all of the figures below.

Hopefully there are plans to include even more characters and creatures from the series in the near future. Grab these new figures right around the time Resident Evil 7 is ready to launch!