Rez Infinite’s Accolades Showcased in New Trailer

Rez Infinite is one of the best showcases of the PlayStation VR and a fantastic buy even without a headset thanks to increased visuals and the all-new Area X level. Today, Sony released a trailer hyping up the game’s many accolades from press outlets all across the globe. We called it an almost religious experience, while others called it timeless. When you have a game that works across three generations like Rez does, that’s quite accurate.

In the Dreamcast and PS2 era, it stood out from the rest because of its highly-stylized graphics. The move to HD with Rez HD on the Xbox 360 showed that the core graphics could look stunning with a bit of polish, while Rez Infinite takes things into the world of native 4K for users of the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR users get to experience the entire game in virtual reality. While the entire game benefits from the move, the all-new Area X winds up being worth the game’s asking price alone.

Rez Infinite remains one of the best experiences one can have with Sony’s headset and a must-buy title for anyone with one.

Read our review here and check out the accolades trailer below: