Catch 100 Million Pokémon in Sun and Moon’s First Global Link Challenge

Catching them all has been done before, in fact, it has been done by plenty of fans over the course of Pokémon’s existence. However, there is a much larger task at hand as we must attempt to catch 100 million of them! Sun and Moon launched earlier this month but the real challenges are on the way.

The game will be holding its first global mission as trainers from around the world will contribute in reaching the 100 million mark. Starting on November 29 and ending on December 13, we must come together in order to catch them all and a whole lot more. Make sure to use the Game Sync feature before the deadline so your Pokémon will count. Upon reaching this milestone, all who participated will receive 1,000 Festival Coins but even if the world fails there will still be compensation of only 100 coins.

Head here if you need more information. Stock up on Poké Balls and get your False Swipe ready for this Global Link challenge. Good luck trainers, the world is counting on you.