Pokémon Sun & Moon Becomes Nintendo’s Fastest-Selling Game

The highly anticipated Pokémon Sun & Moon just released a little over two weeks ago on November 18 and the game is already declared to be a massive success. Reported by Business Wire, Pokémon Sun & Moon is Nintendo’s fastest-selling game. In less than two weeks, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon have sold more than 3.7 million units for the Nintendo 3DS. Sun & Moon beats out Pokémon X & Y which previously held the title for fastest-selling Nintendo game in 2013. Nintendo certainly knows how to get people interested especially when it comes to Pokémon as it is still breaking records twenty years later. The success is well deserved as you can read in our review, we highly recommend it.

In other news, Eurogamer reported a rumor that there may be a Switch version of Pokémon Sun & Moon coming next year titled Pokémon Stars.