Shooting up the Islands in New Shakedown Hawaii Trailer

A thirty year rest after the events of Retro City Rampage was just long enough for its hero, The Player, to get antsy for a new adventure.  So much in-game time has passed, though, that the world has moved on from its 8-bit origins into full 16-bit glory, becoming more detailed and colorful than ever.  That extra shine needs a place to show it off so where better to unleash a freshly rejuvenated Player than Hawaii?  Run through the palm trees and beaches causing mayhem wherever you go, shooting up whatever catches your eye in a series of missions that parody just about any aspect of gaming you care to think of.  The Player may be older and balder but looks to be just as good as causing trouble as he was when he used to sport that magnificent pompadour.

Also, in case anyone is wondering if maybe there isn’t a little evil brewing in The Player’s chaotic soul-