Arkane Studios Gives Us a New Gameplay Trailer For Prey

The resurrection of Prey earlier this year took us all by surprise, but will the actual game be anything to get excited about? If the new gameplay trailer Arkane Studios debuted tonight at The Game Awards is any indication, there’s a high chance that it will be indeed. As seen below, after a flashback to a Soviet satellite repair in the ’50s goes horribly wrong, we flash-forward to the future with protagonist Morgan Yu, battling some shadowy, dark aliens.

Quite notable are some hints at the weapons and abilities players will be able to use around the Talos I space station (which is looking quite gorgeous), including foam guns that can create platforms, attacks that turn enemies into ashes (or at least make them crumble), and a way to seemingly possess objects and move them around, among other things. It looks like these will be a blast to play with indeed, so here’s hoping Prey as a whole is just as enjoyable as it seems in the clip when it comes out later in 2017.