Hideo Kojima Premieres New Death Stranding Trailer

After receiving the Industry Icon award at The Game Awards, Hideo Kojima nicely said that he had a present for us, that being a new trailer for the ever-mysterious Death Stranding. With an emphasis on “mysterious,” because as you can see from the trailer below, Hideo still aims to confuse the hell out of us.

Okay, so what do we have? Upside-down rainbows, Guillermo del Toro-looking characters carrying around fetuses in jars, tanks with bio-organic matter throughout them, even more black goo than before, military forces, creepy baby dolls…oh, and the reveal that Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen will be starring alongside Norman Reedus in the game as well. And evidently, he has some issues with his eyeliner. Still no word yet on a release date yet, or even any hints on what the gameplay will be like, but Death Stranding sure knows how to grab our attention. We’ll keep you updated with any future developments on Hideo’s mystery child, naturally, so stay tuned.