Mobile Title Transformers: Forged to Fight Announced

The enduring legacy of the Transformers franchise seems to live on, and Hasbro isn’t keen to let it fade. The next item on their quest for giant alien robot domination comes in the form of Transformers: Forged to Fight, developed by Kabam. The mobile studio, known for such titles as Marvel Contest of Champions and Fast & Furious: Legacy seems like a natural fit, considering their penchant for creating decent mobile titles from existing franchises.

The blueprint for Forged to Fight seems incredibly ambitious. Part story driven RPG, part fighter, part character collecting, there seem to be quite a few appealing elements available in the forthcoming title. It appears that the story will be centered around a clashing of universes, which will provide ample excuse to throw designs from the comics, various cartoon incarnations, the Bay-verse, and possibly the breakfast cereal franchise (maybe) all into one game. Players will get to create a team of their favorites from across the franchises to level them up, play through the story, and compete against other players around the world.


With the stated emphasis on making robot to vehicle (and back) transformations useful, and graphics that are better than one would expect from a mobile title, this actually looks like something I want to try out. Speaking as someone with an Autobot shield tattoo, there have been too many Transformers based stinkers hitting mobile, and I had written off the possibility of one of these being good. What Kabam and Hasbro announced and have shown so far looks promising. Time will tell, but I’ll certainly be trying to get into the beta when it launches next Spring.