Robot Decimating VR Shooter ‘ROM: Extraction’ Coming to Steam

Life has been good lately for those who can’t get enough of murdering robots in VR. Raw Data has managed to burn up the charts and provide a really good Early Access experience. The good folks at First Contact Entertainment are poised to one up the experience with their own entry into the burgeoning genre, ROM: Extraction. With gameplay focused around shooting machines with praying mantis heads, this looks like it could be some good fun.

Where Rom: Extraction is looking to set itself apart is time manipulation. Players will have the ability to slow time at will to render the malevolent bots into so many broken pieces in short order. There is also an emphasis on strategy, with the use of orbs acting as directed explosives that are set off via shots from the energy pistol. While the teaser trailer, shown below, doesn’t show off much, I’m finding myself very intrigued. Since it will become available on December 7, the wait to see how this will turn out won’t be very long.