Rocket League Starbase ARC Coming Next Week

Rocket League announced a brand new map at The Game Awards 2016 coming in just a couple days and it’s in space! Starbase ARC will introduce the car battling competitive game to the vastness of celestical bodies and be a free addition to the base game.

Starbase ARC is an octagonal arena based on a familiar planet. The update is inspired by ARC Squadron so expect space battles to take place in the background. Each goal in the new map features spectacular laser shows to help you celebrate each pulse-pounding score. This map will be supporting Competitive, Casual and Private matches. Rocket League will also be receiving a new futuristic Battle-Car that’s ready for mayhem in the outer reaches for $1.99.

Starbase ARC will launch on December 7, 2016 for free. Check out the trailer below for hype!